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Top features:

- Android Oreo (Go Edition) lets you fit more on your phone

- Big 5.3-inch screen is perfect for watching movies

- Quick autofocus camera so you don't miss a thing

- Low light enhancement for great photos even when it's dark

- Enjoy up to 128 GB of storage with a microSD card

Android Oreo (Go Edition)

The Motorola E5 Play is built for fun, and lets you do more of the things you love, thanks to the new Android Oreo (Go Edition). It works just like regular Android, except you get a much purer experience.

For a start, there are less unnecessary pre-installed apps on board, just the ones you want. That way you have extra space on your phone to download more of what you love. There's also a built-in data saver to help you keep on top of your data use, and Google Play Protect to protect your phone from anything malicious. Because you never know what's out there.

Big 5.3-inch screen

A big screen doesn't have to mean carrying around a bulky phone. The E5 Play is svelte and slim, and still has a 5.3-inch screen that's great for watching movies on, or playing games. The 18:9 ratio lets you see more of the picture, so you won't have to manually scroll as much when reading your favourite articles online.

Quick autofocus camera

It's easy to miss those split-second moments if your camera is a bit slow to focus and take a photo. The E5 Play has no such problems. It captures photos faster thanks to its quick focus skills, so you don't miss out on a great shot. You've also got the 5-megapixel camera selfie camera, which has its own flash to help you capture your best side.

Low light enhancement

Ever tried taking a photo outside when it's getting dark? It can be tricky to get a good shot, and even then, the results aren't always brilliant. That's why the E5 Play's 8-megapixel camera has low light enhancement, so you can take great photos when it's dark and gloomy outside. Your indoor photos will look better, too.

Enjoy up to 128 GB of storage

The E5 Play comes with 16 GB of storage built-in, so you can store more apps, photos and games. Not enough space? Then just insert a microSD memory card, and enjoy up to 128 GB of storage.
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